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Home Biz Procedures

You could have been very conscientious in preparing your business plan and a schedule of procedures that you need to remember daily, weekly, etc. to be sure your business is running smoothly. However, stuff happens, so you need to check every so often to be sure everything is how you remember.

keep checking

Seriously, believe it or not there are things called ‘glitches’ – These are often defined as everything that you can’t figure out and/or there is no logical reason for. They really do exist. It can be something as small as a nanosecond where your system goes off and in the process it turns something off or on that shouldn’t be. Thank heaven they are pretty rare usually.

So you may rightly have a schedule where you check various things on your website and for the maintenance thereof such as domain name, hosting, etc. You may also include to check your affiliate programs for commissions, communications, etc. You should also include checking any settings there to be sure they are still turned on or off as you want them to be.

This can kind of get expensive if it is just the wrong thing that prevents you from earning commissions or being paid at certain junctures. For example some programs will withhold your payments until you reach $50 and then send a check or direct deposit. Particularly for ‘global’ members this is good for you as you pay less in currency conversion fees to make one large deposit periodically rather than every time you get $10.

Really serious would be if you think you have an advertising campaign that is running actively but it has actually been turned off and you are not doing any advertising. I could go on where you think you are running five campaigns simultaneously and you are actually only running one.

With all that comes the inevitable purposeful change to protocol or procedure at one of your companies. You need to stay on top of the news on the site. Do not trust email and believe that if there are any changes they will email you. Did you know only about 60% of email is ever delivered? And that is an old statistic – it is probably even less now with more spam and scam and deficient spam blockers that send real mail to spam. You have to check.


Home Business — Rolling with the Changes

Things are changing all the time. It is almost like ‘I will pencil you in’ really always has significant meaning. Erasing ink is not as easy as pencil. Hence use a pencil since you will probably need to erase it. The thing is that we can’t let it throw us for a loop every time.


Some things are more important and require more advance planning, etc. and so they seem more serious when they suddenly change. There may be a good reason to be a little upset about it. However if we elaborate on that it will just make it worse. Just move on – accept the change, make the changes to your plans, and set up new plans.

Time is one element that may be limited by other factors including other people’s ability to cooperate. Money is another one that is big because it may or may not be available in time. So we just have to do the best we can because we have to ‘roll with the punches’. Think of how gnarly this could get if you refused to change and had a tantrum (before you realize there is really no choice)!

If someone that you are ‘following’ direction from does a 180 on you, you can see this as a fun adventure or get ticked off about the change in plans. They may or may not be any warning. It could be something where the leader encourages or advises you to purchase something. Since things can change for anyone, he shortly finds out he made a mistake in judgment (he is human, right?).

It may cause you a bit of inconvenience to change your plans in this case including getting a refund and suffering through all the red tape with that. That’s the way it goes. You usually have solid parameters – ‘guaranteed refund for 7-days’ or whatever; you need to act now so you don’t lose your money and then you would really have even more of a reason to be upset.

So you have to decide whether you want to be flexible or not. Keeping an open-mind and always allowing for changes is the smart thing for any business person to do. Then again you can go your own way. Maybe that would work after you have some actual experience in running your home business. For the beginning it would be best to go along with the program whichever way it goes.


Come from a Place of Abundance in your Home Biz

Abundance is where there is always plenty. Whatever it is, it is sufficient and more. Whether or not this has manifested itself materially to you yet, or it is a psychological place where you feel lucky and blessed, it rocks. When you wake up in abundance each day you should feel thankful and blessed.

be thankful

This colors your whole day and your attitudes. Really if you want to get right down to the basics, most people rich or poor share the sunlight, the fresh air, the water, the trees and everything else of beauty. Again you don’t have to have money to enjoy the natural things that have been provided for everyone.

For business it is that you feel self-confident and are able to take a certain amount of risk. Instead of feeling like you can’t do something to promote your business because you can’t afford it, or for whatever reason, instead you feel that you can’t afford not to do it and that is a lot closer to the truth in any case.

If you are going to have a home biz the main things you need to do are advertising and marketing so that people will be aware of your company, product and/or opportunity.

Regardless of whether you are in a confident, expansive mood and ready to invest some money, you should be taking every opportunity to find free and inexpensive ways to promote your business at all times.

That is also abundance – being able to function without much and knowing that it can work anyway if you just try hard enough. It would be pretty natural to say that without money we do have to work at things a little harder and to be more creative.

How about an abundance of words? You must realize that a powerful, free way to promote your business with a blog is totally fine; if you use it frequently to present your ideas, information and company to the world it can work abundantly well!


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