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You Will Start a New Business – Or Will You Just Try?

When you make an emphatic statement to say you ‘will’ do something, you are being very positive. You are determined to do it and there is no possibility in your mind that you will not accomplish what you set out to do. However when you say you ‘will try’, that is very tentative. Maybe.

Know it

It implies you are not convinced that you can do whatever it is. We can’t know the future. We don’t know we will absolutely succeed without even a sliver of doubt. Therefore it is even more important to our mindset that we do not entertain any doubt because it may weaken our resolve.

When you are starting a new business everything is technically unknown – what do we need to do; how to do it; what techniques work best; what strategies have failed in the past, etc. If ‘seeing is believing’ then ’walking in faith’ must be believing in the unknown.

This is obviously more difficult to accomplish. We really need to have mental discipline. We need to figure out how to stay motivated through long ‘dry’ periods where we may not see any results or have any indication that what we are doing is going to work.

We must believe in our self. We must know that we can do whatever we try hard enough to do. The only way to look at it is If we have had failures in the past then it may help to analyze them to see what you may have done to create that result – or more likely didn’t do. What can you do different next time?

It is best to write things down so that they are better able to help you to focus on the issue. You can see it in front of you. Lists can really help you when making a decision or analyzing something. You can have a list with a straight line right down the middle of a piece of paper. List positive and negative issues – or causes and effects listed together.

Remember, the first step to success is believing in your own abilities. You will learn how to overcome any obstacle . You will learn how to do things you didn’t know how to do until you encountered them, and you will be able to sort things out after giving things and maybe their alternatives a fair chance.


Things to Consider When Designing a Business Opportunity Website

Although there may be some important things to consider if you are designing a business opportunity website, the main focus should be to attract search engines so they will direct traffic to your site. It is also highly relevant to attract prospects that may become customers.

biz op site

With regard to search engines, it is actually best to focus on one niche at least per page if not the entire site. You want to make it easy for your site to be added to their index. That index is very important to any business because this is where people will find the links they have queried.

A swipe file that has a good list of keywords that you can use to help you in creating your content (information and advertising, etc.) is very helpful for defining your focus. “Targeted traffic” is the best kind of traffic as it zones in on your keywords (niche). Targeted traffic focuses on what you have to offer.

One of the main tasks for creating either content or a business opportunity website is keyword research. This is a very important and should not be overlooked. To do this you would take the obvious ‘root’ words that you know of that refer to your business, such as ‘home business’, ‘business opportunity’, ‘affiliate marketing’ and etc., to start with. There are various keyword research tools that you can use online and you can see how to build ‘more keywords from these root words to build your list of keywords.

For example phrases like ‘online home business ideas’, ‘money-making affiliate programs’, ‘best online business opportunity’, use those root keywords and show you a variety of ways to use them in your writing content and advertising. These phrases are referred to as ‘long tail keywords’ in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can use those root words in different ways so that your content doesn’t sound boring or spammy (repeating the same phrase over and over again). With just little twists you can keep your writing interesting (and not get slapped for spamming keywords); and you can actually rank for multiple keywords in the same document.

With some of the better keyword research tools, they will show you more ways those root words are used and how many sites are using them in various formats. You can focus on using the root words in a way that fewer of your competitors are using them so there is less competition for that word or phrase. For example you see that 1000 websites use ‘home business ideas’ but only 500 use ‘ideas for a home business’. See how your chances may be improved with the tiny twist?

If you build your website to include a blog or at least to have a blog that is linked to your website, this makes it much easier to submit ‘fresh content’ to your website. This is an important factor as search engines like ‘fresh’. It is much easier to add a blog post than to try to keep redesigning a static HTML website your site has something ‘different’ that the search engines will re-index. As well, with a blog you can easily add meta “tags”, on the fly for each one of your posts rather than the old-school tedious HTML code.

To have a strong foundation for your business opportunity website or content, you just need to focus on welcoming your human traffic (prospects). For them the site should be easy to navigate with organized menus and site maps so that they can find exactly what they are looking for – ideally in multiple ways, without getting lost in the process.


The Ticket to Success in Your Business May be Being Realistic

Dreaming ‘big’ may not be a bad idea, however we need to be realistic about what we are capable of. We must admit that we may have limitations. It’s important not to set ourselves up to be disappointed if we are not being logical about our budget, skills, available time, etc.

save for a good cause

It’s better if you have a plan that does not include using credit in any major way to start a business. Not just because you are paying interest on that money making it more expensive than it may appear to be; but because you have to pay the bill each month which continues to create a deficit in your operating budget. This can add up and we can quickly lose control. Even with the best intentions of paying the full balance each month it can become impossible.

Do the math. Consider your income, versus the expenses to live. If there is anything left, that would be what you have to work with for starting and maintaining your business. However, if your business is a priority, you will tend to come up with more ‘spare change’ if you are willing to make some sacrifices.

Ask yourself if that new suit or dress is more important than funding your business right now? If not, then maybe you should wait for the new clothes. Is seeing that movie the most important thing on earth? It almost undoubtedly isn’t. What exactly would happen if you didn’t see it right now?

Analyze what you would need to start a business online. There will need to be advertising and marketing expenses. Since you need to find customers if you are going to have a business, that is probably the first priority. These critical functions while absolutely 100% cheaper than offline, still may require some expense. In the future maybe you can learn to do things yourself and save the money.

There will more than likely be maintenance costs for any website, such as Internet connectivity, domain registration, hosting, and membership fees if you are an affiliate marketer or distributor. These are necessary costs and are not something you want to skimp on as it is important to have reliable tools.

There will not necessarily be a lot of other office expenses like printer supplies, paper, phones, postage, etc., as the Internet pretty much works without those costly functions. Of course you do need a reliable computer, modem and reliable Internet connection as the foundation for your Internet home business.

Some other good news is that everything you spend on your business is tax deductible when you file your taxes as ‘self-employed’ even part-time, and even if you also pay income taxes on a salary at your job. You can still file your taxes for your home business and declare any income and/or deductions that are generated from home. You may pay less taxes with all the deductions you can now claim for using your home for business. Refer to the IRS website to be sure what is and is not deductible each year.


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